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LGBTQ Life in the Lowcountry Oral Histories from College of Charleston

Charles W. Smith discusses growing up, his adult professional life as a city planner and realtor, his personal life and his work as an activist for LGBTQ rights.

Charleston is Changing…and That’s a Good Thing if the Planning is Done Right!

City planning is vital for a growing area like Charleston.  Quite often these days we hear long-time residents of Charleston saying that “Charleston is just not the same place that it used to be anymore.” “There are too many people.” “Density is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.” “Traffic is impossible.”  As the […]

Charleston Currents: Charlie Smith and His Years as an LGBTQ Realtor

Charlie recently gave his insight and perspective with an article featured in Charleston Currents about what he has learned in his 23 years as not just an LGBTQ-friendly realtor in Charleston, but also as a member of the LGBTQ community. FOCUS: What I’ve learned in 23 years as an LGBTQ Charleston Realtor I moved home […]

Charlie Smith sits down with Quinten Washington for a special edition of “Quintin’s Close-Ups.”

From flooding to public transportation, Charleston realtor and community activist Charlie Smith sits down with Quinten Washington for a special edition of “Quintin’s Close-Ups.”

Meet Charlie Smith

Broker in Charge for CSA Real Estate Services since 1996. Charlie returned to his native South Carolina in July of 1996 and discovered that there was a need in his home state for the same kind of advocacy in the LGBT community as he had found in Miami Beach and Miami in the 1980’s. In […]

LGBTQ Couple’s Guide to Home Buying

For most gay and lesbian couples, buying a house together is not only an indication of a major commitment to each other, it is more often than not the most expensive single purchase you will ever make as an individual or as a couple. Because most property laws were written to protect individuals and married […]